•Professional substance abuse counseling, education, intervention and evaluation to individuals, courts, probation officers and other organizations.

•Personality Assessment for teaming.

•Employee Assistant programs such as; Timken Aero Space, Lebanon, NH.

•Leadership program design, FBI, Army Corps of Engineers and other entities.

•Innovative and thought provoking presentations designed to enhance confidence through knowledge and wisdom.

•Excellence in Training and verbal trauma control.

• Performance Enhancement Imagery.

•We foster ongoing connections and understanding of human development within the school districts and community.



​Our combined credentialing  covers over               100 years of  experience!

HALO models a team approach. Working in partnership we offer a highly trained staff. Our extensive leadership offers administrative, military, business and a psychological perspective. 

"It always seems impossible until it's done." 

                    Nelson Mandela

The Mission of H.A.L.O. Educational Systems, LLC is to strengthen the quality of life and functioning in individuals, families, teams and organizations by gaining sustainability and effectiveness. We are committed to training others to increase knowledge and understanding. We skillfully offer services to promote your maximum potential.

Our Vision is to be an effective, responsive, caring, and continually improving organization that promotes the maximum potential and satisfaction of those we serve.

Welcome to the HALO Educational Systems!HALO is a New England based Educational, Training and Behavioral Health agency. HALO is a high-performance group dedicated to helping others improve their abilities to perform under pressure.
HALO helps organizations and individuals who recognize the importance of human factors in the pursuit of excellence.

Our clients come from a wide range of milieus including government, military, business, educational, communities, families and individuals.ere.