We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence and care.

HALO Program Services:

60 minutes of time to give yourself. We are good listeners. We integrate mindfulness practices. Our highly qualified clinicians utilize a range of evidenced based methods; such a (CBT) Cognitive Behavioral Treatment to (DBT) Dialectic Behavioral Therapy to mindfulness.

INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT PROGRAM (IOP): Many clients succeed in treatment by coming to HALO on a daily basis. This level of care is for 9-12 hours a week. It is appropriate for those who have mild to moderate co-occurring mental health symptoms that require stabilization, those who are experiencing stressful life circumstances and are struggling to remain abstinent.

MEDICATION ASSISTED THERAPY (MAT): Those who have successfully detoxed from opiate use may benefit from our Medication Assisted Treatment. This program is on an outpatient basis and is best for those who are seeking assistance in maintaining sobriety after opiate detoxification. Clients attend a 60 min. weekly group and regularly check in with a medical provider to receive maintenance assistance through the use of MATs such as Suboxone. Clients can also continue to work with their clinician for a wraparound wellness plan.

SCHOOL BASED SERVICES: School Based Clinicians that are integrated into the school and are able to provide daily supports to youth struggling with emotional and behavioral disorders. School Based clinicians are also addiction specialist. We meet families where they are at (home visits included). We work in conjunction with the educational team and work to build universal prevention programs and messaging. We help create a Student Assistant Program. We create and help implement policies, protocols and are direct service providers.

STRATEGIES FOR SELF-IMPROVEMENT & CHANGE (SSC-CBT): This program is typically for persons who have past criminal conduct together with alcohol and other drug use problems. The 60 min. weekly group is built on a cognitive behavioral approach. This program is 48-50 weeks in length and has a comprehensive participant manual, which outlines the goal, objective and activities for each session. Phase I is entitled "Challenge to Change" and is 18 sessions in length. Phase II is entitled "Commitment to Change" and is 22 sessions in length. Phase III is "Taking Ownership of Change" and is approximately 10-12 sessions in length.

RECOVERY SERVICES: Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Our recovery coaches help on an individual basis. You can be in counseling and have a coach, have a coach to help you find counseling or be ending counseling and still want support. Our recovery coaches can help applying for insurance, fuel assistance, employment or other needs. They know our area resources and can get you connected!

SMART RECOVERY: 60 min. Meetings are open to the Public and an alternative to AA and NA program. This is a confidential self-empowering program. There is no cost to attend, however a hat may be passed for coffee donations. Our participants learn tools for addiction recovery based on the latest scientific research. SMART recovery is a self- help process that offers discussion forums.

ALL RECOVERY GROUPS: Group meetings are based on the idea that there are great benefits to bringing people together from multiple recovery pathways. HALO is hosting throughout the Upper Valley area. (Lebanon and Canaan) These 60 min. meetings honor all pathways to recovery, acknowledging that each person’s path is unique and reflects their personal strengths. The meetings are an opportunity for social support that focuses on the hope and healing found in recovery and to connect with others who are initiating and maintaining a recovery lifestyle. Come, socialize, share!! Friends and family members welcome to attend!

RECOVERY PLACE & EVENTS: Become part of the HALO family! Stop in to play chess, connect with a recovery coach or find calm. We offer monthly prosocial events, check out the monthly calendar to discovery opportunities for exercise and relaxation include hiking, and workshops in yoga and meditation.

SUPERVISION SERVICES: Striving to help others? We offer the required supervision for addiction and mental health licensure. For individuals seeking licensure in NH, regular clinical supervision is required. In addition, Licensed Alcohol & Drug Counselors (LADCs) must also maintain weekly clinical supervision on an ongoing basis. We also offer the required MLADC consultation requirement. Certified Recovery Support Workers (CRSW) and Recovery Coaches are also required to have supervision in order to maintain in State requirements. We have CRSW State approved Supervisors. Give us a call!

 INERNSHIP/APPRENTICE PROGRAM: Call for more Details 603-523-8804

ADDICTION COUNSELING: Tailored services from smoking sensation to struggling with a gambling problem.

LADC EVALAUATION: A substance abuse evaluation by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor (LADC or MLADC). Typically court/probation or Doctor ordered. The appointment can take several hours, for a $350 fee or covered by weekly sessions by insurance. HALO also offers a sliding fee scale. The evaluation includes; signing authorization/releases of information, includes collecting collateral information may include drug testing, assessment questionnaires, and a bio/psycho/social interview.

STATE APPROVED IDSP: HALO is approved by the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services. EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2013: As a result of a change in statute to increase public safety, individuals convicted of an impaired driving offense when indicated can fulfill their requirement locally.

DOT- ‘Return- to- Duty’ Process: Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.305; An employee who has been removed from duty because of a violation must successfully complete this process before he/she can be considered for return to duty or be hired by a different DOT-covered employer. As the employer, if you decide that you want to permit the employee to return to the performance of safety-sensitive functions, you must ensure that the employee takes a return-to- duty test. HALO credential staff can support that after determined that the employee has successfully complied with our prescribed education and/or treatment.

TRAININGS: Call us for a full list. 603-523-8804

CCAR: Evidenced based and used for credentialing. The CCAR Recovery Coach Academy is a five day training program designed to provide participants with a general understanding of what it takes to be a Recovery Coach.

Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches: This 16 hour training meets NH state credentialing for those interested in delivery of Peer-based Recovery Support Services by William White and PRO-ACT (2007), This training is designed to help coaches, and anyone else working in the peer role, to understand how critical it is to be ethically responsible. This training also meets re-certification for prevention specialists.